Token Dendega
Race Human (Asian Descent)
Gender Male
Age 12 (Year One)
Friends & Family Kent Dendega(adoptive brother),
Paloma Dendega (adoptive mother),
Wolfina Emerald,
Polosis Shnider,
Pal Synched,
Kyra Barrels
Occupation Sidekick (Year One)
Powers/Abilities N/a
Location Enropia, Skyblend City
Token Dendega, also known by his hero alias Tohawk is a main character in Cheetah Kid!.

General InformationEdit

Token is Cheetah Kid's adopted brother. Paloma and Kent found him in an alley one day while going for a walk. At the time, he was 9 years old. He is the "Dumb Muscle" of the group, but will occasionally spout a few words of wisdom that says otherwise. Though he is one of the strongest in the group, he doesn't like to get into much conflict and would rather make peace with his enemies.


  • Due to his intelligence he believes that his walkie-talkie is actually a person and calls it "Tobby".

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