Polosis Shnider


Race Enro (Human/Ferret-Mongoose Descent)
Gender Male
Age 6, physically 12 (Year One)
Friends & Family Marcus,
Kent Dendega,
Token Dendega,
Wolfina Emerald,
Pal Synched,
Kyra Barrels
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Powers/Abilities Mechanics and Chemistry
Location Enropia, Skyblend City
Polosis "Polo" Shnider, is a supporting character in Cheetah Kid!.

General InformationEdit

Polo is a "would-be" ladies' man with an odd obsession with fire. He highly excels in science ( mainly chemistry) and human history, but does poorly in any other subject. He was allowed to join Cheetah Kid's group because of his ability to make useful gadgets like his "Silenced Smoke Bombs" and his "Electric Gloves". He's not much of a fighter, but is pretty good at weaseling his way out of situations.


  • Polo once burnt part of the school, this was inspired by something that actually happened at Mason Hardison's school.

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