Kyra Barrels
Race Anthro (Chartreux/Selkirk Rex Cat)
Gender Female
Age 5-6, physically 10-12 (Year One)
Friends & Family Pal Synched,
Kent Dendega,
Token Dendega
Wolfina Emerald,
Polosis Shnider,
Occupation Civilian
Powers/Abilities N/a
Location Enropia, Skyblend City
Kyra Barrels is a supporting character in Cheetah Kid!.

General InformationEdit

Kyra is a shy civilian, and is one of the smartest of the other five in Cheetah Kid's main group of friends. She has a very obvious crush on Cheetah Kid, which Cheetah Kid tends to avoid discussing. Unfortunately, knowing everyone in Cheetah Kid's group doesn't make her anymore popular amongst others in their school, and is often picked on and bullied. Kyra's main goal in life is to become a scholar of sorts, but her parents want her to be successful like her great-great-great-grandfather and become an acrobat. Out of the few friends she has, Kyra tends to stick around Pal the most. So much to the point that they'll occasionally call each other brother and sister.


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