Kent Dendega
Race Enro (Caucasian Human/Cheetah Descent)
Gender Male
Age 5-6, physically 10-12 (Year One)
Friends & Family Token Dendega(adoptive brother),
Paloma Dendega (mother),
Wolfina Emerald,
Polosis Shnider,
Pal Synched,
Kyra Barrels,
Eclipse (former friend)
Occupation Sidekick (Year One),
Hero (Year Four)
Powers/Abilities Enhanced Speed
Location Enropia, Skyblend City
Kent Dendega, also known by his hero alias Cheetah Kid is the main and titular character of Cheetah Kid!.

General InformationEdit

Cheetah Kid (or Kent) is the main protagonist of the comic. He lives in the city of Skyblend, located in the country of Enropia. Part of his tail was shot of when he was born by an assassin with unknown intentions, and his human father disappeared the same day (presumed to be dead). He is very energetic and comedic, and uses both the power of speed and annoyance to fight his foes.


  • Kent has a fondness for pancakes.
  • Kent is not aware what his symbol is suppose to be.
    • His symbol for the record is a minimalistic cheetah head with a black mask.
  • Mason Hardison has stated that he imagines him being voiced by James Arnold Taylor

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