Veil Harvest
Race Anthro (Lion)
Gender Male
Age 7, physically around 14 (Year One)
Friends & Family Kent & Token Dendega (former friends)
Occupation Hero (Year 1)
Powers/Abilities Ice Magic
Location Enropia, Skyblend City
Veil Harvest; better known by his alias Eclipse, is a supporting character in Cheetah Kid!.

General InformationEdit

Eclipse is a popular young hero of Skyblend City, and is often considered the city's "crown jewel" of heroes. He is talented in the usage of Ice Magic, and comes equipped with a special pipe called a "Magic Channeler". Despite being the most well known young hero, he is actually quite the coward when no one's watching. He will often make a clever excuse to get out of a situation he feels is out of his control, and pins the blame on others when things go wrong to maintain his flawless image. Fear aside, he never misses a chance to impress, as displayed by his interactions with Cheetah Kid whose trust he betrayed when they were kids. He tends to ignore the fact that Cheetah Kid despises him in hopes that one day he will just forget about what happened. While he is usually very good at hiding his emotions, he sometimes loses his cool in situations when he fails or disappoints someone.


  • Mason Hardison has stated that Eclipse is one of his favorite characters.

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