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From left to right: Wolfina, Polo, Kent, Token, Pal, and Kyra

Cheetah Kid! now has a new update schedule! 3 updates a week!


Thursday: Suddenly Distant Explosions

Saturday: Heroes At The Ready

What's This About?Edit

Cheetah Kid! is written by Mason Hardison.

Cheetah Kid! is about the life of a half human/ half cheetah Enropian, (a human and anthropomorphic crossbreed) named Kent Dendega, who is thrown into becoming a government hero. He eventually befriends many interesting people, who eventually to form a group of heroes to kick tail and chill or whatev'z. The comic falls into the "action/drama/comedy/fantasy" category. It is divided into story arcs (or chapters) of a large portion of Kent and his friends and foes lives. Though the comic is very light hearted a lot of the time, it also contains very deep, dark, and emotional topics that come with the life of being a hero.

The comic regularly updates on Saturdays, but due to recent computer issues updates have been put on hold.

Latest activityEdit

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